Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

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The big buzz today is the alleged meltdown of the liberal left, caught on camera as Rep. Keith Ellison (Democrat Rep. from Michigan) went on a tear while being interviewed on the Fox Network’s Hannity by its host. I received numerous messages via the web about the exchange, citing it as proof that the progressives were becoming increasingly and manifestly unhinged. Then out and about in my car today, I heard Rush discuss the rant at length. And Hannity, in turn, used it to open his radio show and then proceeded to break it down with a “gotcha” glee. I’m guessing it will be a big part of his TV broadcast tonight.

Intrigued, I went home and watched the segment online.Bij blackjack moet je inzetten voordat de kaarten gedeeld worden.  And frankly I didn’t much care for what I saw on either side.

Now don’t get me wrong, among our elected national representatives Ellison is among the biggest “useful idiots” in the Marxist/humanistic/Jihadist tool chest — though there are certainly many more in the same tray. But while I would not want to suggest any moral equivalence here, I’m no great fan of Hannity either.  His talking points are right out of the neo-con playbook. His regular and sycophantic interviews with Karl Rove (the “Architect” Sean calls him) are deeply troubling. He seems to be clueless about the realities faced by the poor and disenfranchised in this country. Sean’s oft-repeated “pulled myself up the bootstraps” Horatio Alger testimony – as if any old black kid living in a one-parent home in the inner city can just as easily do what he did — is painful to listen to. I can go on.

As I watched Ellison rant (and you would have to admit it was technically a pretty good rant) I was reminded of the story in 2 Samuel 16 where King David was upbraided by a man by the name of Shimei. One of the king’s lieutenants, offended and self-assured conservative that he was, offered to shut the fool up by cutting off his head. David, in effect, told him not to do anything, for perhaps God had sent Ellis.I mean Shimei, to teach him something. (vs. 5-14)

Would that all of us on the conservative (I prefer Christocratic) side of the deepening divide in our country model the humility and the listening ear of King David.

Personally I thought the useful idiot made some useful points.

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Vera Simmons

Please share Ellison’s useful points. How does “any old black kid living in a one-parent home in the inner city” succeed? Thanks very much