Do the Ruskies have the Doomsday Emails, Dr. Strangelove?

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STOP_PHOTOHave you ever—accidentally I’m sure—run a red light equipped with a camera and then spent a week or two nervously opening your mail, looking for a citation from the DMV?

Well, multiply that anxiety a million-fold and you have an idea how Hillary Clinton and the DNC must feel if the content of just one of her deleted emails would derail her run for the White House. (My guess is there are quite a few.) In the wake of the DNC’s hacked emails proving a concerted effort on their part to sabotage Bernie Sander’s candidacy, Hillary must have a growing pit in her stomach.

What if the Russians have them? Or the Chinese? And what if they start dropping them in the weeks running up to November 8th?

For me, tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Now don’t get me wrong. The idea that the Russians would pull a “DNC to Bernie” on her is fantastic: an example of poetic justice if there ever was one. But if they are doing it because they would prefer a Trump presidency in the belief that it would make it safer to rattle their sword, that concerns me. And it should concern you.

But there are a lot of unknowns here. Besides annexing Crimea, does Putin really want to upset world markets and gamble with his already struggling economy by risking war?  And yes, he can be brutal and ruthless. But he, like Trump, is a nationalist.  His preeminent objective is to protect and serve Mother Russia, to see his nation become “great again”, to thrive within the boundaries of its historic (admittedly disputable) borders.  Perhaps even more importantly—albeit ironic given Russia’s communist/atheistic past—Putin seems sincere in wanting to restore his nation’s Christian heritage. Mass killing in support of wars of aggression doesn’t quite fit into that narrative.

But it would be criminally naïve to not plan for the possibility.

Would Trump blink and give Putin a free hand? You should then ask if Trump would like being perceived on the world stage as weak; as becoming the lapping Beta dog to Putin’s Alpha.


But I’m guessing not.

Does Trump really want to pull the United States out of NATO? Maybe. He says he might try. But is that reality…or the consummate deal-maker scaring our NATO partners so that when it comes time to sit down and renegotiate the relationship, they take on a greater proportion of the financial and logistical responsibility?

I’m guessing the latter.

And lastly, with all the bravado and big talk on both sides, at the end of the day, who would you really rather have staring across the table at Putin? Hillary or Trump?

For me, whatever their motivation might be, if the Ruskies have the doomsday emails, I say drop them.

And Halloween would be the perfect day to launch the first salvo.

Trick or treat, Ms. Clinton!

(As an aside, I must confess there is another, more selfish reason I hope the Russians—or someone—has the emails. They would make it unnecessary for me of the double-mind and conflicted conscience to feel I need to vote for Trump to keep Hillary out of the White House. Unless I see some evidence before November 8th—a change in his language, tone and temperament to suggest that God has anointed (as many suggest) this too often braying Balaam’s bicycle of a man to lead this country—I will probably vote third party.  (Father, make Your will clear!) But I suspect I will have gnawing doubts about it. The Russians blowing Hillary out of the water and giving the election to Trump would make everything so much simpler.)


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Eric, in view of what you said in your previous post about voting ones conscience, I am puzzled a bit by your observation that you may vote for a third party candidate. It seemed in your earlier post that you were arguing against that and ineffect throwing away ones vote. Could you clarify?