Donald Trump Channels Howard Beale

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Paddy ChayefskyTrumpBeale4 – via his creation, Howard Beale – was remarkably prescient.

Having nursed a nation into sheeptitude through the twin nipples of TV and public education, the globalist/elitist/statist/Baalist wolf stands poised to come out of the shadows and straight up welcome us into their brave new world.

Maybe, just maybe, it will take a reality TV star and arch propagandist in his own right to get enough people shouting, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” to beat the wolf at its own game.

We can only pray. (And, of course, pay attention, educate ourselves, speak truth to power, rally, agitate and vote.)

As for the debate last night, methinks Cruz won the night. But Trump — who had his best debate and for the first time in my mind came off as vaguely presidential — began the process of locking up the nomination.

Can he beat Hillary and the militarized pop news and media complex? (I loved his response when asked whether he could defeat the Clinton, globalist juggernaut: “I haven’t even started on her, yet.”) We can only hope. But I’m afraid the opposition either has or will have a skeleton or two or three they will yank out of his closet and disqualify him in enough people’s minds.

One thing’s for certain: this will be the wildest and wooliest presidential election in our lifetimes. Maybe ever.

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