Heterosexual Apple Fan Speaks Up

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Tim-Cook-with-Rainbow-Apple-Logo(Author’s note: The reader perhaps knows that the CEO of Apple – the most valuable company in history – recently came out publicly as a homosexual. In an interview with Business Week magazine (“Tim Cook Speaks Up,” 10/30/14), Tim Cook declared he is “proud to be gay” and considers “being gay among the greatest gifts God has given” him. My thoughts that follow were inspired by his confession.)

I am the CEO of a small ministry that uses Apple products. I very much appreciate the incredible things their customers can achieve with them.

Throughout my professional life, I’ve tried to keep the focus of the ministry on Jesus and His word and how they relate to the big questions and issues of life: creation, fall, redemption and destiny. I have never sought to bring attention to myself. However, given the trend towards using one’s position in the public eye to advocate for certain regressive lifestyles and worldviews, I’ve come to realize that my desire for personal privacy has been holding me back from doing something more important: speaking up on behalf of a shrinking minority – people who believe that sex is a powerful and beautiful act that optimally belongs only in the context of a life-long, covenantal relationship between one man and one woman. That’s what has led me to today…and to this confession:

I have a fallen, sinful nature. Using the helpful – and in this instance relevant – analogy of a computer, this nature has profoundly gummed up my Operating System. As a result, it orients me towards all manner of things that are contrary to the operational parameters my Creator designed for me to obey in order to optimize system performance – both for myself and the good of those around me. One of them is the desire to have sex with women I am not married to. (Thankfully, I have been able to successfully resist this temptation.) This orientation is not something I want to experience or went looking for. It really seems I was just born this way. I am not proud of this orientation at all. As with my propensity to be selfish, impatient and not love everyone, particularly my enemies, I deeply regret it.

That said, I consider the cross of Christ and the outpouring of His grace and love through it – His death, resurrection, ascension and coronation – to be the greatest gift I have ever received from God. Not only do they cleanse me from the stain of these orientations, they further grant me the power to hate them and successfully wrestle against their corrupting power.

I can’t wait for the Great Day when my carbon-based quantum computer is rebuilt, my present OS wiped clean and the new and final version (completely free from the pesky viruses that infected the original) is installed and made fully operational.

I pray for Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, to experience this positive side of the Final Singularity as well. But as long as he continues to love one of the more pernicious viruses that have infected OS ver. 1 – and particularly encourage others to do the same (Luke 17:2) – he will fall into this Singularity with it intact, operational….but tragically incapable of functioning in the New World to come.

And then there will only be weeping and the gnashing of teeth.


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Andrew Rusckow

well said ERIC!!! HUGE fan of ALL your videos!!! ( one day, I would love to meet you.) I quote from them often. ESPECIALLY the LONG reformed one AMAZING GRACE!!! OUTSTANDING!!! Phil. 1:3 -Andrew