Historic Inevitability and the Normalization of Homosexuality – Part 1

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Lesbian MarriageJustice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away; for truth has stumbled in the public squares, and uprightness cannot enter. Isaiah 59:14

I’ve been saying for almost a decade that gay marriage will be accepted and legalized throughout America. And all manner of cultural forces will be progressively unleashed in an effort to normalize homosexuality and other related beliefs and practices.

The Supreme Court’s decision on Monday to not consider – and thereby, in effect, reject – the appeals of five states (Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Indiana ) whose prohibitions on gay marriage had been ruled unconstitutional by regional federal appeals courts is a huge step in this normalization process; perhaps the largest to date.

As a result, the number of states permitting gay marriage just jumped from nineteen to twenty-four. Six more states (North Carolina, West Virginia, South Carolina, Wyoming, Kansas and Colorado) have similar bans that are directly affected by the same lower-court rulings. The Supreme Court’s tacit endorsement Monday of those rulings means those bans will likely soon fall as well.

Thirty states down, twenty to go.

In addition, within hours of the ruling, two 26-year-old women became the first couple to be legally declared “wife and wife” by the Commonwealth of Virginia. They will be followed by many more homosexual couples in Virginia and the other four states, joining the tens of thousands of same-sex marriages performed in America since Massachusetts became the first state to recognize them in 2004. And observers on both sides of this issue agree: you can graph the increase in the number of homosexual marriages against the likelihood that the Supreme Court will eventually rule that state bans on gay marriage are constitutional and thus permissible. The lines go in opposite directions. In other words, the more gay marriages take place, the more accepted and entrenched they become as a legal right and a cultural norm.

I hope I’m wrong. But I will say it again: “Gay marriage will be accepted and legalized throughout America. And all manner of cultural forces will be progressively unleashed in an effort to normalize homosexuality and other related beliefs and practices.”

Let me be very clear: In saying this I’m in no way suggesting so-called traditionalists throw their hands up in defeat and stop defending as truth and an optimum social norm the Bible’s prescriptions concerning marriage, gender and human sexuality. God has called us to be faithful, not necessarily always successful – at least not in the short term. If we are to suffer temporary defeat (we have and I predict it will continue and intensify); if some of us end up suffering loss, or are jailed, beaten or worse for peacefully refusing to go with the flow on these issues: let’s go down faithful and fighting – with our boots on and integrity intact.

Semper Fi.

This battle will be won by the Lord eventually; truth in time will always trump a lie. But that doesn’t mean it can’t “stumble in the public square” and unrighteousness prevail for a season. (Isa. 59: 14) Still we should ever take heart: light will at last dawn and push back the darkness.

The question before us now is just how dark it will become…and what the “children of light” (1 Thess. 5:5) are going to do in the midst of it. We’ll explore this in more detail in subsequent parts. I would also love to hear your own thoughts and suggestions on the subject. Email them to me at WhenTruthStumbles@gmail.com.

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Marsha Gill

Homosexual whatever is a sin against God AND nature. God created male and female and told them to go forth and fill the earth. Two men or two women can’t do that. When homosexuals say they were born the wrong gender, they are actually saying God made a mistake. God does NOT or ever has made mistakes, man makes mistakes. God calls homosexuality a sin, period. If we start saying this should be normal this would actually mean those who accept their beliefs but are heterosexual are just as guilty.

Dan Cartwright

“The question before us now is just how dark it will become…and what the “children of light” (1 Thess. 5:5) are going to do in the midst of it.”

Sadly, many “so called” children of light are ‘caving in to the darkness’, including many ‘pastors’ who, while not taking a clear stand, obfuscate, bowing down to the ‘idol’ of relevancy (example: Brian Houston of Hillsong).

This is what happens when the supposed conservative church have leaders who write books like “the faith of Barack Obama” and have someone like Desmond Tutu give it a front cover endorsement. Would Jesus have Desmond Tutu endorse the New Testament? Desmond Tutu has used his influence to promote gay clergy for several years, and then we have someone from the supposed right wing of the church write a book promoting an anti God, pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-socialism, pro Hamas (Fox aired Hannity asking about Farrakhan as well as HAMAS material being in their church bulletin material!) leader like he is… Read more »
cm taylor
we have forgotten some basic things: – as the church goes, so goes the world – while we point fingers at everyone else, judgment begins with us – we have used the world’s tactics and PR to reach the lost instead of Christ’s PR: heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper and cast out devils. THEN go and make disciples (i think they might listen more closely to what we have to say after that) – the *righteousness* of the heathen appears to be exceeding our righteousness – they’re looking to form *covenant* relationship while we look for… Read more »
Don Robertson
Dear Eric: You’re commentary about the present progression of the overturn of traditional marriage in United States is likely true unless we experience a spiritual revival in this nation. I agree with you that we should seek to remain faithful to God’s Word whatever the costs. We should always remember that the saints of Scripture experienced great suffering and persecution as they sought to advance the gospel and the truth of God’s Word. This is not a time to lay down arms for the faith but a time to pick the Bible and stand on the Word of God. Although… Read more »
James Schilling
The message from the Dispensational Pre-Tribulation camp and the Preterist/Postmillennial camp is no major tribulation ahead for believers as the general culture becomes more hostile to the historic understanding of Christianity. Overall it appears the Lord’s Elect are not prepared to be the faithful witnesses Scripture calls us to be in the times we are facing. Unless and until there is some accurate understanding of Eschatology, not merely more rehash of the traditional conflicting positions, the confusion will intensify. I left a college teaching position in Sociology in the early 1970’s as emphasis upon “various family forms” began to appear… Read more »
David St.George
As bad as matters are there in the U.S. regarding the movement towards a general acceptance of homosexuality, it’s much worse here in Canada. I am easily in the minority whenever someone asks my opinion about gay marriage. But as bad as the homosexual issue is, I am reminded that our society has already gone the wrong way with respect to heterosexual fornication and the shameless lust that our media and fashions flaunt on a daily basis. We must remember that homosexuals only comprise a relatively small portion of our culture; we need to be even more concerned with preaching… Read more »
Teri Johnson

In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.
Judges 17:6