In the Shadow of Moses and the Christ

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Whether a man can “marry” another man with our culture’s approval (Rom. 1:32) comes before the highest secular court in our land today. The nine judges and sundry legal advocates will conduct this mockery of true justice under the symbolic¬†gaze of Moses holding the Ten Commandments (and ironically during Holy Week).

The one Advocate who absolutely will not be allowed to testify? The triune God and His law-word. And that is why we are ultimately doomed. My guess (and prayer) is that the forces for unraveling the gender and sexual norms instituted by our Creator will only achieve a partial victory. But make no mistake about it. God will not be mocked. As long as we continue to tell the King of King and Lord of Lords that there is no room at our national table, our accelerating slide into the abyss of chaos and “reaping-what-we-have sown” judgment will continue apace.

By the way: this is not a white-flag of surrender comment. I for one plan to continue to stand for our nation’s King, pray, preach the truth, educate, agitate and in general make war on the armies of night. Because I know that in the end He will be glorified and have His way. America will continue her decline, be plowed under in some form or fashion, then be re-seeded with the Gospel of the Kingdom and rise again from the ashes.

Arise and take courage ye Gideons! The Roman empire wasn’t conquered in a day!

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