REVIEW: Hillary’s America–The Secret History of the Democratic Party

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1I saw “Hillary’s America” last night. I almost didn’t because the Rotten Tomatoes rating was so horrible: a 5% splat.  Normally, I add in twenty or so percentage points when a movie or a documentary’s ideological perspective rubs the liberal media’s fur the wrong way. But 5%? Truly, it had to be a real stinker.

But a friend who had seen the movie gave me a ticket and insisted I go. And so I did…expecting very little.

I was very pleasantly surprised. Sure, the movie was a little goofy in sections. It also seemed to be a bit too much about the co-writer/director—and now the lead actor—Dinesh D’Souza. He clearly isn’t a trained actor and, through no fault of his own, also has a Mr. Bean kind of nerdiness that doesn’t serve the film all that well. It was at times overblown and ham-handedly conspiratorial. And some of its premises—most notably that Bill’s sexual addiction was accepted by Hillary and turned into a tool for controlling him—are the kind of judging of another person’s heart that is just wrong, particularly when exercised by a professing Christian.

Nevertheless, the movie explored a lot of important, often obscured historical facts every American should know—particularly those victims of the public school, liberal college, and progressive media establishment. I found the sections on Saul Alinsky (I wasn’t aware of the crazy stuff that appeared in the 1967 Playboy interview) and the Clinton Foundation particularly interesting and damning. And we are also introduced to one of great unsung heroes of American history: Ida B. Wells. Her inspiring story (attention Black Lives Matter folk) alone was worth the price of admission.

All in all, an enjoyable as well as educational experience. Easily three stars out of five.

My wife checked on the way home. The audience rating on RT was 84%. (And among them was a good number of 0% splats posted by people who clearly had an ideological axe to grind. So the true audience rating is really higher.) That leaves at least a 79% differential between what the critics and the public think of the movie—the second highest in Rotten Tomatoes eighteen-year history.

If you don’t think there’s a full-court press on the part of the fourth estate to cover Hillary’s criminal past, I’ve got a country to sell you.

Oh, wait. It’s already been bought.

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