A Christian Manifesto: Dr. Francis Schaeffer

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Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer’s classic lecture on the themes explored by what some have called the most important Chrisitan book published in the last quarter of the 20th century: “The Christian Manifesto”

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“I was thrilled to learn that Coral Ridge had rediscovered an archival video of this 20th Century prophet’s lecture on perhaps his most important book.  This message is more important than ever.”   Eric Holmberg – The Apologetics Group


Dr. Schaeffer, who was one of the most influential Christian thinkers in the twentieth century, shows that secular humanism has displaced the Judeo-Christian consensus that once defined our nation’s moral boundaries. Law, education, and medicine have all been reshaped for the worse as a consequence.  America’s dominant worldview changed, Schaeffer charges, when Christians weren’t looking.

“Where have the Bible-believing Christians been in the last 40 years?” asks Schaeffer. “Where have we been as we have changed to this other consensus and all the horrors and stupidity of the present moment have come down on our culture?”

Schaeffer lists two reasons for evangelical indifference: a false concept of spirituality and fear. He calls on believers to stand against the tyranny and moral chaos that come when humanism reigns—and warns that believers may, at some point, be forced to make the hard choice between obeying God or Caesar.


A Christian Manifesto is a thought-provoking and bracing Christian analysis of American culture and the obligation Christians have to engage the culture with the claims of Christ.


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