Apes or Ancestors? Exploring Human Origins


See compelling new evidence supporting the Biblical account of man’s creation. Are the fossil remains of supposed proto-humans simply varieties of apes or merely true homo sapiens?

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“There are a number of excellent science documentaries that support the Biblical account of creation.  But this one is the best at dismantling one key weapon in the materialist’s war on God, the Bible and special creation: in Darwin’s words the ‘descent of man from some lower form’ ….an important work.”  Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group


Charles Darwin believed our ancestors were hairy bipeds with long tails and pointed ears that swung down from the trees, stood upright and walked.  Instead of special creation with man as an image bearer of God Himself and with a purpose and destiny that far surpassed all other animals, man is reduced to a mere accident of evolution – “slime plus time” – of no more intrinsic worth that our cousins the chimps.


And modern science seems hell-bent on proving Darwin right, discovering and classifying all manner of fossil bones as ancestors of homo sapiens.


APES OR ANCESTORS carefully examines the views of leading evolutionists, including Bill Kimble at the Institute of Human Origins, Chris Stringer at London’s Natural History Museum and Charles Oxnard in Australia.  But then it does what the most schools and media outlets refuse to do: examine the same evidence from a creationist/intelligent design perspective. Carl Wieland with Answers in Genesis in Brisbane and Sigrid Hartwig-Scherer at the University of Munich demonstrate that these fossil remains are nothing more than either varieties of apes…or true human ancestors.

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