Birth Control: How Did We Get Here?

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This engagingly fast-paced documentary takes a historic look at the modern church’s public embrace and overwhelming acceptance of child prevention as biblical theology. The reinterpretation of Scripture and rejection of our church history in the mid twentieth century allowed for responsible planned procreation.


No longer was the raising of godly seed seen as the primary purpose of marriage; but now marriage was redefined as a union “intended for companionship and mutual spiritual aid”. This new view, brought on by the European spread of eugenics, brought rise to a departure from centuries of universal agreement among all branches of the church. In essence, the church was complicit in championing “privacy in marriage” to allow the liberty of responsible planned parenthood, heedless of scriptural authority or precedence.

 “In answering How Did We Get Here? we will be one step closer to a return to the Church’s historic and Biblical view of marriage and a resurgence of desire for godly offspring.”

Director Kevin Peeples’ desire to create a film on birth control was founded on his own personal journey to answer the question posed by the upcoming film BIRTH CONTROL: Is It Up to Us?, but once the project was started he and his fellow producers, Scott Dix and Nathan Nicholson, discovered that before answering that question, a look into the history of the church was in order. How Did We Get Here?  took the team around the United States capturing captivating interviews with authors, historians, theologians, radio talk show hosts and others, such as Dr. George Grant, Dr. Allan Carlson, Geoffrey Botkin, Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., Lila Rose, Kevin Swanson, and Julie Roys.

Starting with creation and ending in the late 20th Century, this film will look at how the Church’s voice changed radically in the 20th century due to overwhelming social pressure. Before we can discuss the desperate need to return to Scripture and to the Church’s historic position on marriage and family, a need arose to present where we came from and how we got here. How Did We Get Here? sets the stage for Is It Up to Us?.

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