Butt-Prints in the Sand – Unframed

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The Apologetics Group’s classic parody of Footprints on the Sand



An age-appropriate (re: the age in which we are presently living) spin on the “classic” poem. Footprints in the Sand.


The original source  is unattributed.  Eric Holmberg read one version, re-wrote it to satisfy his own tastes and theological bent and then handed it over to artist-extraordinaire Erik Hollander to illustrate. The result is an attention-grabbing, humorous but thought-provoking piece that is a great conversation starter. Parody that would make Elijah proud!


Note: For those who object to the use of the word “butt” – do a word study of 1 Kings 18:27. And for those who object more to the notion that Jesus would ever drop someone on their tush: yeah we know He will never leave or forsake his true children. But if you don’t think He can scourge or bench some of us for our disobedience or compromise (excuse the redundancy), Jesus is more your girlfriend that He is your LORD and GOD.


Size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches, professionally printed on card stock, suitable for framing.

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