Evolution: Fact…or Belief?


The classic that uses the research from respected scientists from around the world to question the foundation of evolution; proving that it is more a philosophy than a scientific theory.

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“This 1997 video ─ now available for the first-time here on DVD ─ remains a classic of the genre.  Top-notch scientists from around the world with PhDs in everything from paleontology to chemistry, molecular biology to engineering give the program substantial academic credibility and the graphics and animations, while a little dated and simplistic, nevertheless do a good job of illustrating the various points…The section on sedimentation is particularly interesting and devastating to the evolutionary model.”  Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group

The controversy regarding the theory of evolution vs. Biblical creationism has been going on ever since Darwin penned The Origin of Species.  And the trajectory of modern science has tended to heavily favor, even insist upon, the materialistic assumptions that gave rise to and sustains Darwin’s theory.   But that is slowly beginning to change as new scientific evidence is being uncovered that supports the creationist position.

Scientists from around the world are interviewed in this fascinating documentary.  We learn why they do not except blind chance and evolution as a reasonable explanation for the origin of the universe, life or man.  We further uncover remarkable new evidences that support Biblical creationism.  For example, recent experiments conducted at Colorado State University cast serious doubt on one of the pillars of modern geology and evolutionary theory: that rocks and sediments can be used to date both fossils and the earth.

This well-produced video features graphics, illustrations and interesting locations in introducing the viewer to one of the most important and far-reaching disputes of the modern era.

Scientists featured:

  • Dr. Giuseppe Sermonti, molecular biology
  • Dr. Roberto Fonda, paleontology
  • Dr. Pierre Julien, engineering – river mechanics, erosion & sedimentation
  • Dr. Maciej Gietych, dendrology (science and study of wooded plants)
  • Dr. Guy Berthault, sedimentology
  • Dr. Edward Boudreaux, chemistry

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