Fossil Evidence of Creation (+ Bonus DVD on the Origins of Life)

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Does the fossil evidence support gradual evolution…or did Leviathan walk the earth relatively recently?

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Dinosaurs, according to popular science, have been extinct for some 65 million years.  But the Bible describes a creature, Leviathan, that sounds an awful lot like a dinosaur; one that lived contemporaneously with man.  And then there are all the “legends” of dragons and other dinosaur-like creatures that pop up in the history of cultures all over the world.


Does the evidence concerning these fascinating creatures support the evolutionary, old-earth model…or does it point to the young-earth creationist position?  You won’t hear this in your public school textbooks, but the discovery of non-fossilized dinosaur bones suggests that dinosaurs died out relatively recently.  Fossil graveyards, petrified forests, and the rapid formation of coal all speak to the Genesis Flood and other post-flood catastrophes.

This video documentary, recorded on location in several fascinating parts of the world, explores this important subject.  Featuring interviews with scientists on both sides of this issue, the viewer is taken on an exciting journey into the mysterious world of the “terrible lizards.”  Does the fossil evidence reveal gradual evolution…or did Leviathan leave his footprints on the sands of time relatively recently?


This film is perfect for the classroom, whether at home or away, and features three of the most distinguished scientists in the arena of young-earth creationism:

  • Dr. Steven Austin; Geologist, Institute for Creation Research
  • Dr. Andrew Snelling; Geologist, Creation Science Foundation, Brisbane, Australia
  • Dr. Gary Parker, Answers in Genesis


BONUS DVD: From a Frog to a Prince: The Biological Evidence for Creation – A frog turning into a prince only happens in fairy tales…and modern materialistic/evolutionary “science.” Join respected  scientists Dr. Michael Denton, Dr. Don Batten, Dr. Lee Spetner, Professor Werner Gitt AND the infamous atheist Prof. Richard Dawkins (who makes a surprising admission) as they examine the evidence from biology and find powerful support for the Genesis account of the origins and development of life.

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