From a Frog to a Prince: The Biological Evidence for Creation

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The classic creationism video that not only “proves” the case for intelligent design, it uses Darwinian apologists like Richard Dawkins to make the case!

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“One of the best videos refuting the foundational idea of Darwinian/Atheistic materialism: that random processes in an entropic universe can increase the amount of information in a system, specifically a living organism.”  Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group


“The only video in the world that features Richard Dawkins, the  preeminent prophet of Darwinianism, looking like a deer-in-the-headlights as he is asked to give one example of information increase in a living organism.  Fantastic!…and worth the price of admission.”  Scott Alan Buss, Author of “Fire-Breathing Christians”

We all know that fairytales are fantasies – that a princess’ kiss will never turn a frog into a potential husband.  Yet evolutionists insist that ancestral amphibians evolved into human beings through a process far less complex and intelligent than a princess’ kiss: blind-chance mutations and natural selection.

But such major biological change requires massive amounts of new information.  From whence does this information arise?

This powerful presentation is brim full of facts and exciting interviews with famous scientists from around the world—Professor  Richard Dawkins (zoologist), Dr. Lee Spetner (biophysicist), Dr. Michael Denton (biologist), Professor Werner Gitt (information scientist) and Dr. Don Batten (biological scientist).

High school–Adult Level Documentary.

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