From Selma to Stonewall (Free DVD)

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The Apologetics Group’s new and explosive video examines the parallel being made by not only the president but by activists within the LGBTQ movement – and clearly demonstrates how the legacy of civil rights has been hijacked by those seeking to normalize homosexuality.


In his second inaugural address, President Barack Obama threw out an alliterative sound-byte that sounded great and resonated with the mainstream news pundits. Evoking the grand legacy of the civil rights movement , he said “From Seneca Falls, to Selma, to Stonewall” and proceeded to tie “gay” rights to the struggle to assure women and blacks the right to vote and enjoy full equality under the law. The “last leg of the civil rights movement” – as Hollywood producer/director Rob Reiner has called it – was well under way. And America, said the President,  was to about to become ” a more perfect union” as a result.


Very few people know much, if anything, about what happened at Stonewall. But by examining it and contrasting the events and the people involved there with what happened in Selma, the viewer is given a profound glimpse into what is fundamentally different, and very wrong, with the modern push to normalize homosexuality. Stonewall was no Selma. And “gay” ain’t the “new black.”

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