Generation Kill – Four Pro-life Videos


Four classic pro-life films on one DVD covering a range of subjects from “an abortionist’s day” to fetal experimentation. With Dr. Jack Wilkie

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“An important series that every advocate for the pre-born needs to watch and share.”  Jay Rogers, The Forerunner




Special Note: These videos were originally recorded back in late 80’s – so the video quality and clothing/hair-styles are dated.  But the content remains compelling and relevant.


1. Pro-life Doctors Speak Out – A discussion of the essential medical arguments against abortion, featuring John Wilke, M.D.; Bernard Nathanson, M.D. (and ex-abortionist) and Surgeon General C. Everett Koop


2. Death on Demand: An Abortionist’s Day – In one of the most chilling videos ever produced on the abortion issue, an abortionist matter-of-factly talks about his “work” – and unwittingly reveals the monstrosity of this most “unmedical” of procedures.
3. The Miracle of Ultrasound – Dr. Wilke explains the ultrasound procedure and its amazing “window to the womb.”  Watching this video, it becomes obvious why the so-called “pro-choice” movement has fought so hard to stop laws that would require women to watch an ultrasound of their baby so that they can better make a truly informed choice.


4. Living Experiments – “Never again!” was the cry after the Nazi atrocities came to light.  But in this chilling video, Dr. Wilke exposes how the pre-born are the new “non-persons” – and can even be made the victims of the most callous “medical” experimentation.

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