God’s Law & Society with Study Guide – 2 Disc Set

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Reel to Real’s classic primer on the Ten Commandments and a neo-Puritan worldview.

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“Every Christian in America should view ‘God’s Law and Society.’   It clearly defines the cultural battle which is raging in our culture.  It deals with both the source and solution to the conflict in an insightful and balanced manner.  It should be a part of every congregation’s discipleship curricula.”      Rev. Lawrence Underwood, Cornerstone Assembly, Mobile, AL


  • “You can’t legislate morality!”
  • “Government should be ‘secular’ and ‘religiously neutral’.”
  • “Christianity is a-political; it’s about saving souls – not nations.”
  • “Why polish brass on a sinking ship?  The world is only going to become more evil and corrupt.  Forget trying to reform the culture.”
  • “Separation of church and state! The Constitution forbids any form of religious ideas from being introduced into the affairs of govenement.”


Most people in America (and, sadly, that includes most Christians) have been strongly influenced by these ideas – if not downright persuaded by them.  “God’s Law and Society” explodes these modern clichés and presents a stirring apologetic for a return to the rigorously biblical worldview that gave rise to the American experiment in freedom.  Featuring some of our generation’s greatest scholars and church leaders, this four-hour, ten-part series is perfect for home, church or Christian school; group as well as individual Bible study.


Join R.J. Rushdoony, Howard Phillips, George Grant, Gary DeMar, Jay Grimstead, Andrew Sandlin, Ken Gentry – among many others – as they present a vision for a neo-Puritan approach to “discipling the nations” and explore several profound and sometimes controversial questions.


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