Hell’s Bells 1 – The Original Classic

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The video that launched Reel to Real Ministries to international fame is now available on DVD.

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“This incredibly intense video confronts some serious topics… guaranteed to promote discussion on a number of major issues affecting the youth of today.”  Barry Taylor – former soundman with the AC/DC

The video that started it all…is now available on DVD! Original retail price for the 2 VHS tape set was $39.95

Over the years, we have had numerous requests and pleas from people, asking us to re-release the classic “Hell’s Bells 1” on DVD.  This 1989 best-seller not only launched our worldwide ministry; it was used by God to bring tens of thousand of people around the world to Christ.

We have always turned the requests down, pointing people to the sequel, “Hell’s Bells 2: The Power and Spirit of Popular Music”, as a more contemporary and relevant treatment of the issue.  But whether out of fondness for the presentation that meant so much to their lives or because it may be seen as being more relevant to the boomers who grew up on that era’s music (60s – 80s), the requests just kept coming in.   (Some people have also said that its slower, less frenetic style, made it a bit easier for the message to “sink in.”)  So in 2006, the original “Hell’s Bells (Classic)” was released in a two DVD set.  This is the real thing, uncut, digitally re-mastered and looking and sounding better than when it was released seventeen years ago.

This three-hour presentation is broken down into 5 sections:

  • Part 1: The Dangers of Rock ‘n’ Roll: An overview of the problem and the biblical worldview that will be used in its analysis
  • Part 2: The Root of Rock:  From whence did this new musical form spring…and gets its power?
  • Part 3: The Fruit of Rock, Part 1:  Looking at the fruit of something, Jesus said, can tell you a lot about a phenomenon’s origins and ultimate destiny
  • Part 4: The Fruit of Rock, Part 2:  It really is more than just “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll
  • Part 5: The Axe Falls:   Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.  The cross reveals the true “Rock” – the One that will never be rolled away.

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