Hell’s Bells 2 (5 Pack for Give-Aways)

$149.75 $39.95

5 copies of the world-famous teaching, evangelism and discipleship tool at a very reduced price to be used for giving away and ministering to people who need to be exposed to the light but yet live in darkness.

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This version of Hell’s Bells 2 was designed to help people who want to hand this series to neighbors, friends, “divine appointments,” etcetera in order to sow the Gospel but don’t want to spend $19.95 every time they do it.  It is identical to the regular version with the following exceptions:


  • The content has been compressed to fit onto two single layer (4.7 GB) DVDs instead of the two dual-layer (8.5 GB) DVDs in the retail set.  This means that the quality of the video (the sound is essentially the same) is a little diminished – though most people will barely notice the difference.
  • The disc face is not full color like the retail version but instead has black print on a silver face.

We ask that people honor the intent of this offer and not get these for themselves or for other Christians who would normally buy the retail version (which we have discounted 33%) of the video.  Sales of the videos we spent months and sometimes even years producing – and at great expense – is one of the ways we are able to afford to produce new ministry tools.

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Dimensions 5.3 x .5 x 7.5 in