Hitler’s Christianity: The Nazi Religious Cult Unmasked

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J.P. Holding (Tektonics Education and Apologetics Ministry) explores the fascinating and little-known story behind Hitler's and the Nazi Party's spirituality.


“This DVD is a cautionary tale about how an affluent, powerful and sophisticated culture can apostatize and become literally demonic.” Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group, “J.P. does a great job of exposing any number of lies and misconceptions concerning Hitler, Christianity and the German church.


Was Adolf Hitler a believing Christian? Were Nazi leaders followers of the teachings of Jesus? And was Germany a “Christian nation” that was responsible for the horrors of the Holocaust?


Join host James Patrick Holding of the leading Christian apologetics website Tekton Apologetics Ministries (www.tektonics.org) as he explores these and other questions. In this riveting video, Holding explodes the common myth that Hitler and other Nazis were Christians, and demonstrates that they adhered to their own distorted, cultic version of faith called “Positive Christianity.”  He also uncovers the spiritual biographies of major Nazi leaders, and explains how political and religious conditions in Nazi Germany contributed to a spiritual malaise that destroyed the ability of the German church to stand up to the Nazi regime.


Running Time: 36 minutes


DVD Extras: 1. Supplemental materials (quotes and pictures), 23 minutes   2. Famed German director Leni Riefenstahl’s Tag der Freiheit: Unsure Wehrmacht (Day of Freedom: Our Armed Forces), her third documentary film for Hitler that focused on the Seventh Party Rally of the Nazi Party held in Nuremberg in 1935. 16.5 minutes


Distributed by The Apologetics Group, Nashville, TN.

Copyright 2014 by James Patrick Holding, all rights reserved.


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