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In the Beginning…(Genesis Flood)


Catastrophic Plate Tectonics and the Genesis Flood

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“…an important and fascinating addition to the vital discussion that is presently taking place in the disciplines of intelligent design and creation science.”  Eric Holmberg, Founder and President, The Apologetics Group

How did the Genesis, Noachian Flood happen?  A radical new super computer model of catastrophic plate tectonics, developed by Dr. John Baumgardner at Los Alamos National Laboratory, shows how runaway “thermal subduction” (don’t worry, the video explains it all!) could have caused the breakup and flooding of Pangea, the early supercontinent.  (This was before Noah’s flood and the days of Peleg, when the earth was divided. (Gen. 10:25)

Join Dr. Baumgardner and a number of other scientists as they combine their wide range of scientific backgrounds with their love for God and His revealed Word to explore just how the evidence from creation really does support the Genesis account of origins and the development of the world.  Other scientists include:

  • Dr. Steven Austin; Geologist, Institute for Creation Research
  • Dr. Andrew Snelling; Geologist, Creation Science Foundation, Brisbane, Australia
  • Dr. Russell Humphries; Sandia National Laboratories
  • Dr. Larry Vardiman;  Atmospheric Science, Institute for Creation Research

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