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Inside the Islamic Mind

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Understanding how Koranic Muslims view the West and the rest of the world

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“This is the battle of the age.  It is not going to go away.  And if we don’t respond properly – acknowledging our sins where they truly exist – and then addressing the very real threat in a direct and Biblically-informed way, the waning experiment in Christian liberty that is the West will be over.” Eric Holmberg – President, The Apologetics Group


Fourteen hundred years ago, followers of Muhammad began their quest to bring the rest of the world into Islam (literally: submission to Allah).  More often than not, this submission was wrought by the edge of the sword.  Several times it looked as though JIHAD (literally: the struggle to bring about this submission) would conquer the known world.  The last time Muslim armies were turned back in this quest was September 11, 1683 – the day their when an alliance of Christian armies led by Jan III Sobieski, the King of Poland, arrived at the Gates of Vienna.  For the Islamic faithful, this particular September 11th is frozen in time; a day when their glorious vision for world conquest was stopped.


Our more recent 9/11, however, marks the beginning of the great thaw.  Once again Jihad is alive and well and marching forward to take over the world.


The West ignores this reality, with all its attendant religious, political and ideological implications, at its own peril.  Fueled by a genie’s treasure trove of petrodollars and emboldened by the extraordinary effectiveness of modern terror, this challenge will only grow in intensity.  It is absolutely vital we understand the “Koranic mind.”


This DVD contains three separate documentaries that provide significant insights into this world.


·        The Power of Nightmares is a fascinating study of one of the most important people you’ve never heard of: Sayyid Qutb.  This thoughtful Egyptian educator – Islam’s “Francis Schaeffer” —  understood America’s fall from grace better than most of her leaders, secular and spiritual alike.  He took those insights and, processed through his Koranic worldview, helped create the Osama bin Laden’s of the new Islamic renaissance.

·        Age of Disorder looks at the birth of the modern world – and the modern Middle East – through the lens of the Islamic mind.  Produced by Muslim apologists, it is far from “fair and balanced.”  But in this it provides important insights into how Muslims view many of the key events and movements of the 20th century.

·        Iraq-Occupied Land comes from the same ideological bent, focusing on what has become the epicenter of Western/Islamic conflict – Iraq.

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