Making a Decision That Lasts Forever


An introduction to Christianity for young people featuring Eric Holmberg, Rice Broocks and Jacob Aranza.

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“While the video is a bit dated now, it remains a solid, relatable and somewhat unique primer on what it means to follow and grow in the LORD.” Eric Holmberg, Founder and President of Reel to Real Ministries; The Apologetics Group

Polls conducted by the Barna Group and others reveal that the majority of people who respond to the Gospel and profess faith in Christ are found to be so nominal in their walk with God a few years later that one should question whether they ever really got born-again.  While true salvation can be as difficult to measure and nail down as the wind – an analogy that Jesus Himself used – there are steps we should all take to ensure that the path to both the cross and the celestial city it points to are clearly understood by the would-be Christian.

This video – featuring three of the most gifted and recognized evangelists/teachers that emerged from the Jesus Movement of the ‘70s – does a good job, and in a relatable way, of making that path clear.

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