Pilgrimage to Mecca

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The story of one European family’s conversion to Islam and their journey (Hajj) to Mecca

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He was born to a Protestant family in West Germany.  She was born in Southern Ireland into a Roman Catholic family.  Trained as a nurse, she converted to Islam before meeting her husband.  Together they became something of an anomaly among the Caucasian, Christian (at least in name) majority with whom they had grown up: Western converts to Islam who genuinely sought to fully embrace what it means to be a Muslim.  This fascinating video tells their story, culminating in their fulfillment of one of the five pillars of Islam — the Hajj.  With their two children, they go on a pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina.  And for the first time, a Western film crew was given access to Islam’s most sacred places in Saudi Arabia.


For most non-Muslims, this video will give them their first ever glimpse into the heart of the world’s second largest religion: the tawaf, as a vast sea of humanity walk around the Kaaba seven times,  the sa’i, where pilgrims journey through the hill country outside Mecca in memory of Hagar’s frantic search for water.  This is one-of-a-kind footage that is must viewing for anyone who wants to understand the faith that is home to a billion people…and growing.


“Like the conversion of Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), this family’s saga is a sober reminder of what happens when people looking for transcendent truth in a post-Christian, relativistic culture meet up with a religious worldview that dares to unapologetically present itself as the one, true way to God.   Every thinking, caring and dedicated follower of the One who Muslims call a prophet but who Christians worship as Immanuel, God come to earth, needs to watch this video.  Then they need to pray: first for the West, that it would again remember and honor the Rock from which it was hewn.  And then for the children of Ishmael, that they would come to know the God of mercy and love.”  Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group

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