Political Culture with Thomas Sowell


The inimatable Thomas Sowell appears on “Uncommon Knowledge” – waxing eloquent on everything from his early days as a Marxist to the 2012 elections

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“Thomas Sowell may be my favorite living intellectual.  Every Christian needs to drink deep from the living waters that pour from this man’s mind and heart.” Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group; R3FORMATION MEDIA


Political Culture with Thomas Sowell


Part 1: Thomas Sowell discusses equality and how spreading the wealth increases poverty.

Part 2: He discusses why he once was a Marxist and how he picked up the ideas of Free Market.

Part 3: Dr. Sowell talks about the embarrassment society feels when talking about love, but not sex.

Part 4: The professor discusses the American Pastime, and talks about the difference between politics and baseball.

Part 5: Thomas Sowell gives his reaction to President Obama and the current Republican presidential candidates.

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