Raw Feed: Ten Dynamic “Morality Plays”


From the vaults of Reel to Real’s classic videos come these ten parabolic dramas ready to present a moral by grabbing the imagination.

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“A picture was once worth a thousand words.  In today’s hyper-visual culture, make it a million.”  Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group

“These are great tools for illustrating all kinds of important messages.  As someone who speaks on the issue of abstinence to audiences around the world “Purity Matters” alone is worth its weight in gold!” Lakita Garth – Author, international speaker and media consultant

Looking for ways to illustrate a sermon or a moral lesson?  Having a tough time grabbing the hearts and imaginations of an audience that has been raised on television and Hollywood?  Do your messages need a boost, your lessons more traction?

Enter Raw Feed: 10 Dynamic Sermon Illustrations.  From the archives of Reel 2 Real classic videos comes this compilation of video vignettes designed to help parents, pastors and Christian teachers reach a visually attuned generation that often has to “see it to get it.”  Whether you are looking to provoke thought and discussion or use a parable to make a point, these clips are designed to use the imagination to reach the heart.

Shakespeare was right: “The play is the thing” – and stories are often the best tool – “with which to catch the conscience of the king.”

The ten vignettes are:

·        Fat-Bellied Buddha humorously asks the profound question, “Why is Jesus of Nazareth the almost sole focus when popular culture sets out to mock God?”

·        If You Love Me:  A weekend fishing trip turns deadly when a boy’s disobedience forces him – and his father – to confront the ancient evil that lurks below the surface of Lake Eden. A powerful lesson on Lordship and obeying God that has convicted people and brought thousands to the cross in audiences around the world.  Excellent for also teaching on sexual purity.

·        What If?  What if what the Bible says is true?  What if Jesus is who he says he was?  What if…?

·        P.E.T.S. Against Pork:  A profound but hilarious send-up of a moral disease that has become epidemic in today’s relativistic, neo-Gnostic culture: hypocrisy.   Also takes on the lame excuse so many raise to defend their consumption of immoral music: I only listen to the music.

·        The Grady Bunch: This is the story of a man named Grady.  He liked to grade himself upon a curve.  And he found out, when compared to others, he wasn’t such a perv.   Ouch!

·        HAL 666:  Littered with viruses and faulty data, a young lady’s computer is upgraded in a most extraordinary way – and by a most extraordinary company.  A digital fairytale about redemption.

·        Smokers Against Lung Cancer:  Giving the expression “smoke and mirrors” new meaning, a rock star convenes a press conference to announce the formation of a new charitable organization.  Hilarious and very penetrating, this may well be the most powerful expose on the fallacy of “safe sex” you’ve ever seen. A renowned author and social critic saw this one and called us up wanting more information. He thought it was real press conference! Focus on the Family has also used this in teaching on abstinence.

·        Purity Matters: One of the most popular vignettes R2R has ever done, this vignette draws an analogy between bottled water and human sexuality and makes a very powerful point: purity really does matter.

·        I Just Like the Music:  Isn’t it amazing how music is “just music” and has absolutely no impact on its listeners?  Unplug those ear buds from your ears when I’m talking to you!

·        Trail of Deception: A whole lot of work went into this vignette (taken from “Hell’s Bells 2”) designed to illustrate how the popular culture comes under the influence of demonic ideologies hatched in the brains of humanists and God-haters.  Very sobering for those with the ears to hear. 

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