Red Pill Forum: Volume One


The ground-breaking compilation that has been used to promote small group discussions around the world. Great for evangelism

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“…the cutting-edge of 21st Century evangelism. Equipped with the Red Pill DVD and a laptop or a DVD player and TV, any home, office, coffee shop, cell group, etc. can become a friendly and fun place to engage people in conversation about life and worldviews.  From that naturally flows opportunities to develop relationships, explore the scriptures topically as well as share the Gospel.  Fantastic!”   Rev. Franco Gennaro, Pastor, evangelist


“…one of the greatest tools for I have ever seen.” Rev. Billy Rieder, a pastor who runs a very active outreach on the campus of the University of California – Berkeley
Robust discussion and debate concerning the mystery, joys and problems of existence was once a vital aspect of social discourse. Over the last several decades, however, political correctness and relativism have chipped away at the necessity and even the possibility of truly meaningful dialog.  Add to this the competition for our extra-curricular and “socializing” time as a result of the culture of entertainment and it’s perhaps not surprising that intelligent conversation and polite debate have been called a lost art.
Enter the Red Pill Forum. Varying in length from 5 to 7 minutes, each “pill” presents an interesting topic in a fresh and compelling way and then raises questions for discussion. Out of this naturally flow opportunities to meet and develop meaningful relationships with new people.


Red Pill Forum: Volume #1 contains:

·        Genetic Engineering

·        Bad news/Scandal

·        The Origin of Man

·        Sexual Ethics

·        Music’s Influence

·        Extraterrestrials

·        Is the Devil Real?

·        Nuclear Arms

·        Genocide Awareness Project (G.A.P.): Abortion and the Limits of Free Speech

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