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REVELATION: The Fuel Project Guide (w/ Mark Fairley)

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Mark Fairley (The Fuel Project) takes the viewer through the Book of Revelation with the prophecies of Jesus, Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel and others lighting the way. This 3-disc, 44-part series provides a comprehensive, whole-Bible view of the end-time events from a pre-millennial perspective…but with some surprises in store for those who’ve had their eschatology fashioned by the Left Behind series.



“Few books amaze, confuse, intimidate and intrigue like the Book of Revelation. In this 3-disc, 44-part video series, Mark Fairley guides the viewer through the prophetic imagery, clearing away any confusion and presenting a clear Biblical narrative for the future of the world. In the process, the prophecies of Jesus, Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel and others are tied in to create a comprehensive, whole-Bible view of the end-time events.


While the Book of Revelation is often sobering, it ultimately reveals how evil will be overthrown and how God’s victory will be achieved. This video series is an invaluable tool in helping us understand how those days will come to pass.”


(Note from The Apologetics Group: Because we have produced and offer other books and videos that present a partial preterist and post-millennial view on Revelation and eschatology, to avoid confusion we want to be clear: Mark Fairley and The Fuel Project’s approach to Revelation is based on a pre-millennial (meaning Jesus returns and then establishes His millennial reign on earth) hermeneutic. This is, of course, one of the three majority perspectives that have been championed by Christian orthodoxy. Mark does a good job of presenting it faithfully while thankfully avoiding two of the problems often associated with premillennialism: a defeatist attitude (Satan’s and his seed are taking over the planet for a season) and a related detachment on the part of Christians in engaging the culture with the Gospel of the Kingdom.)


“Outstanding! ★★★★★” – Shane Rutherford (Amazon Reviewer)


“The best guide to Revelation” ★★★★★ – Amazon Reviewer


“Puts everything in perspective with a timeline that makes sense.” ★★★★★ – Gordon Goodwin (Amazon Reviewer)


“A must…for all Christians” ★★★★★  – Robin Drljacha (Amazon Reviewer)



1 – We Have Tribulation (Introduction)
2 – Tribulation Through The Ages
3 – The Signs of His Coming
4 – The Throne Room & The Scroll
5 – The First Seal – The Rise of False Religion
6 – The Second Seal – The Rise of War
7 – The Third Seal – Economic Collapse & Famine
8 – The Fourth & Fifth Seals – Death
9 – The Sixth Seal – Transition From Tribulation To Wrath
10 – The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory
11 – Three Points
12 – Attention Turns Back To Israel
13 – The Seventh Seal – Preparations For The Day of Wrath
14 – The First Four Trumpets
15 – The Fifth Trumpet (The First Terror) – Demons Unleashed
16a – The Sixth Trumpet (The Second Terror) – A Third of the World Die
Appendix 1 – Violent Islamic Verses
16b – The Sixth Trumpet (The Second Terror) – The World Refuses To Repent
17 – The Seven Thunders & The Small Scroll
18 – Jacob’s Trouble
19 – The Third Temple
20 – The Two Witnesses
21 – The Seventh Trumpet (The Third Terror)
22 – The Woman And The Child
23 – The Evacuation of Jerusalem
24 – The Antichrist’s Global Empire
25 – The Four Kingdoms Explored
26 – The Antichrist’s Rule
27 – The Identity of the Antichrist
28 – The False Prophet
29 – The Economic System & The Mark of the Beast
30 – The Erosion of Privacy
31 – The Islamic Messiah & Prophet
32 – The Firstfruits Harvest
33 – The Three Angels Preach The Last Warnings
34 – The Harvest of the Earth
35 – The Seven Bowls
36 – The Great Prostitute
37 – The Fall of Babylon
38 – Songs of Victory in Heaven
39 – The Return of the King
40 – Judgement Day
41 – The New Earth
42 – The New Earth Will Be More
43 – Jesus’ Message
44 – Conclusion
Appendix 2 – Revelation Chapters 1-3

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