Sex: Unkown


In a time where more and more people think that gender is plastic and people can go choose what they want to be, this PBS documentary casts some fascinating light on the subject.

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“Given the moment, when so many are confused and perplexed about issues relating to sexual and gender identity, a show like this is vital for anyone who wants to get beyond the talking points and clichés–on both sides of the issue… fascinating stuff!  Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group




Bruce Reimer was born a completely normal boy.  But after a freak medical accident destroyed his genitalia, high-profile psychologist and sex researcher John Money persuaded Bruce’s parents to surgically change him into a girl.  Soon, Bruce was Brenda, beginning a headline-grabbing medical, sociological and psychological experiment.


In the years that followed, Money trumpeted Brenda’s case as an unqualified success.  And it was this very success that helped establish a standard of care for all infants born with missing or unformed genitalia.  Today, infant boys born with missing or unformed genitals continue to be castrated and surgically changed into girls.


Delve into the mysterious world of gender identity as NOVA offers a stunning look at the subject with the help of noted psychologists and researchers, and through personal insights from the Reimer family–including candid, heartrending interviews with Janet Reimer and her son, who ultimately rejected his female identity and is now living as a man.


This program includes material that may not be appropriate for younger viewers.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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