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Shadows of the Supernatural


The Apologetics Group’s explosive evangelistic presentation that doubles as a primer on world religions and the occult.

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“…a compelling evangelistic presentation that uses as its point of contact our world’s irrepressible interest in the unseen realm…the reality of sin, evil and Hell form an arresting backdrop for the gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully presented in all its power to save.” Rev. Ken Pierce, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS

“…offers a lot of insight into the supernatural, but at the same time offers a tremendous opportunity to share the love of Christ. I highly recommend it to anyone.” Rev. Dave Miller, The Warehouse Church, Aurora IL

Rarely in the history of Western culture has there been more interest in the supernatural. Hollywood churns out movies and TV shows that deal with otherworldly themes at a rate that is unprecedented. Studies and surveys confirm that despite the growing influence of science and philosophical materialism (the idea that the material world is all that there is) belief in a spiritual world is, if anything, on the rise.

But while belief in the supernatural is strong, any type of consensus about what the metaphysical world is like is on the wane. Relativism and multiculturalism have fostered the idea that it’s “whatever you think it is…as long as you’re sincere.” Well, what if it isn’t? What if spiritual realities and decrees are just a firm and immutable as the laws that govern our material world?

SHADOWS OF THE SUPERNATURAL examines these questions – and others – as it takes its viewers on a journey into the realms of the spirit. More importantly, it winsomely and powerfully presents the One who can help us both understand and navigate these “shadow lands.”

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