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Some Dare Call It Theocracy

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It’s our firm conviction that Christians are losing the culture wars and the battle for the destiny of the USA not because the forces of humanism and secularism have grown so powerful – but because the church has grown so weak. There are any number of reasons why so much of the power and victory that is in Christ has drained out of us. This important booklet addresses a few of them: the vain imaginations of dualism (believing that Jesus only reigns over the spiritual world), so-called religious neutrality and allowing the enemy to define the terms of the battle in regard to politics, law and culture.


“The agenda of the religious right is a theocracy in the United States of America.”
Frank Schaeffer on the Rachel Maddow Show, 9/20/11

Many people have charged Christians with seeking to set up a theocracy in the United States, and imposing their narrow moral views – a from of “Christian Sharia law” – on the country. According to some, anyone who would dare to allow Biblical truths to inform their world- and life- views, and especially to mention this in context of politics, government and law, are the worst form of theocrats and the greatest danger to liberty in the world. But examining the history of liberty and the work of America’s founders tells a completely different story: the Christian religion and morality are the essential pillars of free, just, and prosperous nations.

Authors: Eric Holmberg & Stephen McDowell

Providential Perspective Series- 10

24 pages, paperback

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