Sounds of War: Rock, Rap and the Spiritual World

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TAG’s world-renowned one-hour documentary that uses the Ten Commandments as a diagnostic tool to “mark the music.”

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A powerful evangelistic presentation that uses popular music as a foil to present God’s law…and the Gospel that sets people free from the condemnation of sin.

“…the most convicting and powerful evangelistic presentation I have ever seen!”  Pastor Shino Prater, noted campus evangelist

“…offers tremendous insights and an invaluable education.”  Michael Omartian, multiple Grammy and Dove award-winning producer

“…demolishes the façade of rebellion in the hearts of both the unbelieving and believing alike…an awesome presentation!”  Dr. Stephen Mansfield – writer, lecturer, author of the New York Times Bestseller “The Faith of George W. Bush”

“It is not the noise of the shout of war, it is the sound of music and revelry.”  Exodus 32:18

So said Moses to Joshua when the latter heard “the sounds of war” rising from the Israelite camp.  While the two leaders had been atop Mount Sinai, communing with God, their people had decided to fashion an idol and throw a party.  And all hell broke loose.

A wise man once said that “there is no new thing under the sun.”  The idolatrous party this time is digitized, amplified, and broadcast over the surface of the planet.  The Sounds of War: Rock, Rap and the Spiritual World tells this story, examines the hell that is being unleashed – and then points the way out.

The documentary begins with a fascinating and compelling apologetic on the “power of music” that leaves little doubt that we become what we listen to.  It then turns a sharp but loving eye on the ideas and worldviews emanating from the world of pop culture. The “lens” it uses for its diagnosis? The Ten Commandments! What may sound at first blush to be a dry and somewhat old-fashioned approach to the subject, in reality becomes a fascinating journey towards understanding the “muse behind the music.” The Law of God does its work well, convicting hearts of sin (Romans 7:7) and leading people to the faith in Christ. (Galatians 3:24)

Perfect as a “video tract” to give to or watch with non-Christians, challenge and radicalize “worldly” believers, or teach discernment and Biblical worldview to the more mature, The Sounds of War is guaranteed to change lives.

Hosted by Teron “Bonifide” Carter, co-founder of the ground-breaking hip-hop group GRITS.  An artist, producer, speaker, and father of four, Teron’s passion is to communicate the gospel through his music, in concert venues around the world.

“I’ve seen a lot of Christian materials on popular music, but none has the balance, passion, and real-world practicality of Sounds of War. Without resorting to hysteria or sensationalism, the producers put on an overwhelming argument that music and culture does matter. Grits’ Teron Carter is the perfect host, and The Apologetics Group’s use of cutting-edge editing and production drives the message home with a resounding smack!  The use of personal testimony at the end provides an immediately accessible entrée for unbelievers, while the plethora of pop culture references juxtaposed with Scriptures should shake up most Christians. This thing fires on all cylinders and is a must-have for anyone in youth ministry, or anyone with children or young adults under their roof.”   John J. Thompson – Author, Artist, Pastor, Producer

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