STAY FREE: Why Society Can’t Survive Without God

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The second series in the developing trilogy by Mark Fairley (The Fuel Project and the Know Your Enemy series), Stay Free explores what is at bottom the root problem with man and his world…and the genuinely Biblical solution. This in-depth, 47-part, 430-minute series (on three DVDs) is perfect for individual and group study and discussion. The viewer will learn the essence of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, the proper relationship between law and grace and how Christian are both called and instructed in  fulfilling the Great Commission: to disciple nations, teaching them to observe all the things in their Creator’s “User Manual.”


“So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law.” – Galatians 5:1


The statistics are devastating.


Over 121 million people currently suffer from depression. Suicide rates have risen 60% in the last 45 years, making it the third leading cause of death among young adults. Failed suicide attempts are now 20 times more frequent.


Substance abuse continues to rise. If current trends continue, around 10% of the world’s population will be addicted to drugs or alcohol within the next decade.


The global economy is shaking and almost all nations are running massive budget deficits. The gap between rich and poor is widening. While bankers and oligarchs thrive, millions of people who were previously comfortable are slipping into poverty under a wave of new socialist policies and austerity measures.


Daily news channels report on corporate greed, political corruption, tax rises, wars, injustice, immorality, terrorism, persecution, attacks on liberty and freedom of speech. World leaders come and go, each one claiming to have answers, and yet things continue to deteriorate.


Stay Free is an important 47-part series that examines the root causes of all these problems. More importantly it provides real solutions.


Using the lens of scripture, we examine where our sense of  morality comes from and how it is impossible to understand good and evil apart from the reality of God. We’ll look at how the Gospel has been the primary civilizing force throughout history and explore Christianity’s incredible impact for good over the past 2000 years. We’ll see how and why societies decline as they have abandon their Creator and how humanistic and atheistic regimes have led to some of the worst atrocities in history. We’ll look at the need for the church to cast off the chains of fear, apathy and theological confusion and to stand tall in an increasingly atheistic and pagan culture. (And what to expect if we don’t.)


Finally, Stay Free proves that the true Gospel is the only thing capable of turning the tide in the battle for our personal and collective destinies. We’ll look at the problems of legalism and licentiousness and in the end we will learn that only Jesus Christ through the power of his Holy Spirit has the power to truly set us free — from our own internal bondage toward sin, and from those who would like to enslave from without.





Part 1 – Moral & Spiritual Agents
Part 2 – Keeping The Camp Clean
Part 3 – Where Morality Comes From
Part 4 – God Civilises The World (can change “Civilises” to US spelling if you think it would be better)
Part 5 – How Christianity Changed The World I
Part 6 – How Christianity Changed The World II
Part 7 – The Law of Decay
Part 8 – How Morality Decays Without God
Part 9 -Put Faith In God, Not Man
Part 10 – The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail
Part 11 – All or Nothing
Part 12 – Revivals or Riots
Part 13 – Christian Certainty



Part 14 – We Don’t Know How Free We Are
Part 15 – The Laws
Part 16a – Understanding The Law of Moses
Part 16b – Understanding The Law of Moses
Part 16c – Understanding The Law of Moses
Part 17 – The Heart Problem
Part 18 – The Rise of the Pharisees
Part 19 – The Good News
Part 20 – Your Decision
Part 21 – The Law of Moses Becomes Obsolete
Part 22 – Is The Law of Moses Really Gone?
Part 23 – Common Confusion
Part 24 – The Law of Christ
Part 25 – The Law of Christ In Action
Part 26 – The Holy Spirit
Part 27 – Freedom To Be Authentic, Spontaneous & Extravagant
Part 28 – The Judaizers
Part 29 – Legalism Today – Worship
Part 30 – Legalism Today – Holidays
Part 31 – Legalism Today – The Sabbath
Part 32 – Legalism Today – Tithing
Part 33 – Legalism Today – False Religion
Part 34 – Romans 14



Part 35 – Are We Free To Sin?
Part 36 – True Faith Shows
Part 37 – Can We Lose Our Salvation?
Part 38 – Between The Pits
Part 39 – Evangelism
Part 40 – Government Legalism – The Road to Tyranny
Part 41 – The Ruin of Sexual Licence (A Case Study)
Part 42 – Restrain Within Or Be Restrained From Without
Part 43 – Paxman v Boris
Part 44 – When Persecution Comes
Part 45 – Civil Disobedience
Part 46 – The Fuel Vision
Part 47 – The Wilberforce Method

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