The Allure of Rock: Revisited (with Eric Holmberg)


This renowned hour-long primer on rock music and pop culture that was produced by Summit Ministries using highlights from Reel to Real’s videos has now been digitally re-mastered and released on DVD!

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“Featuring highlights from “Hell’s Bells 1”, “All Rapped Up” and Eric’s appearance on the John Ankerberg show, this is Holmberg and R2R Ministries at their prophetic best!”   Roy Tidwell – President, American Portrait Films

“I am thrilled to be able to offer THE ALLURE OF ROCK: REVISITED as a digitally re-mastered DVD. For fans of all our videos on pop music culture, this one-hour highlight reel that was produced by Summit Ministries (they use this as part of their worldview curriculum) is the perfect primer on this subject.  Great for evangelism as well as discipleship, we have priced so that we can help you to minister to others.”  Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group

“Music is the perfect expression of the human soul.”

Robert Schumann, famed classical composer

“We’re in a whole lot of trouble.”

Eric Holmberg, cultural analyst and narrator of The Allure of Rock

The average teenager spends more time listening to music and watching music videos than he does in the classroom – twice the time, in fact.  And in a recent survey, two out of three college students listed music as one of the most important things in their lives.

What’s scary about this unprecedented popularity are the themes that have become all too common in today’s music: violence, blasphemy, rebellion, obscenity, immorality and a “do what thou wilt” philosophy of life.

“But it’s just music!” say its fans.

Is it?  Join Eric Holmberg on a journey into the soul of rock ‘n’ roll.  Discover the lifestyles, the philosophies and the forces that guide the popular music industry.  Find out what’s really going on beneath the surface and why, if we’re not diligent to “mark the music” (as Shakespeare said), we can find ourselves “in a whole lot of trouble.”

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