The Anthropic Principle: Scientists Admit Evidence of Design


Science is discovering more and more evidence for design and intentionality in the universe. And in this rare BBC documentary, even non-Christian scientists acknwledge it!

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“This is one of the best videos on this subject I have ever seen.  It is of particular interest and usefulness because it was produced by Horizon (BBC), a production company with a religiously skeptical, naturalistic bias.  To see these world-class scientists, most of them not Christians or necessarily even theists, acknowledge that something or someone seems to have designed the universe and the laws of nature is priceless. …an essential tool in the apologist’s library.”  Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group


Since Copernicus’ revolution, science has tended to grant less and less significance to both the earth and human life when weighed against the age and immensity of the cosmos.  Not only doesn’t the sun revolve around us, it turns out that our world is merely a speck floating in a dark backwater of one galaxy among one hundred billion others.   And man, Darwin and his followers tell us, is a cosmic accident; the result of matter plus time plus chance.


But a new revolution has been quietly taking place.  Science is discovering more and more evidence for design and intentionality in the universe.  And among the most fascinating of these discoveries is what has been called The Anthropic Principle: the idea that the universe appears to have been carefully engineered in order to produce carbon-based life forms and, yes, even man.


In this fascinating documentary produced by the BBC, eight world-renowned scientists grapple with the science and implications of this principle and conclude that Shakespeare may well have been right: There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy.


This 50 minute program features:

  • Dr. Paul Davies, Professor of Theoretical Physics, Newcastle University
  • Dr. John Wheeler, Professor of Physics, University of Texas, Austin
  • Dr. David Deutsch, Professor of Physics, Oxford University
  • Dr. Dennis Sciama, Professor of Astrophysics, Cambridge University
  • Dr. Frank Tipler, Professor of Mathematical Physics, Tulane University
  • Dr. Martin Rees, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University
  • Dr. Michael Redhead, Professor of Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University
  • Dr. Brandon Carter, Professor, Paris Observatory

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