The Beast of Revelation: Identified

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A fascinating primer on the Book of Revelation from a partial preterist perspective – featuring Dr. Kenneth Gentry and Eric Holmberg

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Numerous candidates for the Beast have been advanced throughout the years.  They have included Pope Leo X, Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Henry Kissinger, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan, Bill Gates and now Barack Obama.  Predictions about who the Beast is and what he will do are so varied – and dissimilar – that one could almost be forgiven for thinking that the answer to the riddle is unknowable to all but God.  And yet the Bible clearly challenges us to gain understanding so that we can decipher his identity.


By placing the Book of Revelation in the context of the time it was written and letting Scripture (rather than current events) interpret Scripture, a plausible candidate for the Beast of Revelation has been identified – or, more properly re-identified.  If you will consider Dr. Gentry’s position with an open mind and Bible, his teaching is likely to revolutionize your understanding of the Book of Revelation while energizing your entire worldview as well.


“The Beast of Revelation: Identified” is divided into three sections that are easily adaptable for Sunday School or personal Bible study.  Historical footage, graphics and a fascinating introduction by renowned video producer and apologist Eric Holmberg help amplify the material you are about to consider.  Following this there is the lecture Dr. Gentry presented at the Ligonier Conference on Eschatology; again amply illustrated.  Lastly, there is a one-hour question and answer segment that addresses many of the speculations and objections presented by modern-day self proclaimed “prophecy experts.”


Taken together, this video serves as a remarkable primer on the subject of Biblical prophecy – and a wonderful antidote to the theological novelties and defeatism so prevalent in today’s church.  In Three-Parts; total running time is 144 minutes.


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