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The Christian Liberty Four Pack (Special Discounted Price)

$59.80 $25.95

Four of our most popular “Christian Freedom-Fighter” tools bundled together at a special low price.


The ACLU and their ilk – with the cooperation for our courts – continue to chip away at our Constitution. Obamacare, the greatest statist power grab since the introduction of  Social Security, threatens to to be the coup de grâce that stalls the experiment in Christian liberty and launches our beloved nation into the dark night of socialism and centralized, humanistic control.


It’s more important than ever that thinking Christians with a passion for Jesus and His Prime Directive (to disciple nations) embrace the lessons of scripture and our Founding Fathers; that we “take every thought captive” when it comes to the arena of “God and government” – one in which so much confusion, spiritual deception and muddled thinking persists and is growing. These four tools – and at a steeply discounted price – serve as an excellent primer in this regard.


If every Christian was to treasure in both their heart and mind the principles found herein, we would perhaps begin to see God turn things around.   (Normal retail value on all four if purchased individually is $59.80; our regular discounted price is $31.80. But all four are offered here bundled together for $25.95)

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