The Final Frontier: A Journey Through Life, Death & Beyond

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Eric's classic evangelism video that has moved audiences around the world. Inspired by his daughter's birth, his mother's death and 9/11…powerful!

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“The Final Frontier is the most powerful gospel presentation I have ever seen.” Mike Gowans, Pastor, Desert Life Christian Center, Gilbert, AZ

“Wow! I don’t know if I have ever seen a more compelling and winsome apologetic on the gospel. Even as a believer I found myself stirred in a fresh way to follow Jesus with all my heart, mind, soul and strength… Every church and individual Christian should use this incredible tool to “plow and sow” the field to which they have been called.” Rev. Bill Rieder, Pastor of University Church – San Jose, CA

Nobel laureate and existential philosopher Albert Camus called its aftershock “the most important question in life.” The Bible describes the fear of it as the chain which binds the unbeliever at the deepest (often subconscious) level to the dominion of Satan and hell. We’re talking here about death and the “undiscovered country” that lies beyond its dark horizon.
Join us as we journey to the real “final frontier” and shatter the wall of complacency, denial and confusion that surrounds this ultimate issue.


Experience what has been called the “most sobering, compelling and powerful tool for winning souls and impassioning the saints the 21st century has yet produced.” And reach out to loved ones, friends, fellow workers and that “divine appointment” you meet at soccer practice or while shopping at Target by giving or letting them borrow a copy.   Bring souls to the cross and into a life-changing confrontation with the “power of an endless life.” (Heb. 7:16)


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