The Great Civil War Debate – Peter Marshall & Steve Wilkins

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An outstanding primer on the war that changed America — and has since mutated into the “Great Civil Cold War Between the States and the Federal Government.” Aired by C-Span over a dozen times!

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“…an excellent exchange of ideas…both sides were well represented.  You won’t want to stop watching this until the very end; the debaters’ closing remarks tell the whole story.”  Rep. Bobby Franklin, Georgia House of Representatives


No issue has so divided the United States; no cause has spilled more blood.  Join two respected historians and pastors, Peter Marshall and Steve Wilkins, as they revisit the “War Between the States” and attempt to find the heart of God concerning this national tragedy.


This historic debate was recorded on February 27th, 1998 before a packed audience in Atlanta, Georgia.   The exchange was so interesting — and at times intense — that C-SPAN aired the debate a dozen times on national television.  This special presentation includes historical film footage, photos, and portraits.  You can come to your own conclusion as to who was right after watching this fascinating video.


“Most of us have been fed the politically-correct view of the Civil War as sanctioned by the secular humanists that run our government schools. As a result we have a simplistic – an often downright incorrect – grasp of the underlying causes that led to the War Between the States. It is critically important for thinking Christians to renew our minds in this area because the real philosophical/religious causes are still very much with us today.  This thought-provoking video provides a great start in meeting this need.”   Eric Holmberg, Director of The Apologetics Group


“The revival of 1857 gave America a window of opportunity to prevent a bloody civil war.  Their failure, brought out so powerfully in this debate, led to America’s great tragedy.  The question remains: Will God’s leaders unite in repentance to avert the judgment of God looming over America today?”  Pierre Bynum, General Secretary of The Alliance for Revival and Reformation


Details: Region Free DVD; English, no sub-titles; Running Time: 120 minutes

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