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The Great Debate: Predestination vs. Free Will


An engaging debate on an ultimate issue: Just how does a person become “born again?”

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“I’ve always enjoyed a good debate; the point/counterpoint exchange can be an interesting and very efficient way to crack open and understand an issue.  “The Great Debate” does just this with the transcendently important issue of just how man is saved from sin.”  Jay Rogers, President of Media House International


How can sinful men become acceptable in the eyes of a perfectly holy God?  Jesus famously gave the answer in John 3:3 when he declared that unless a man is “born again” he cannot ever see − much less enter − the kingdom of God.


Simple enough, right?


Well, apparently not.  There may be no more controversial issue in the annals of Christianity than how exactly this process of being “born again” works.  Is it a monergistic act − meaning a sovereign and unilateral operation on the part of God as He shows mercy on particular sinners?  Or does man play a part, working with God synergistically?  And, of course, all manner of other questions spring forth from this dichotomy: Does saving grace extend equally to all men?  What part, if any, does man play in the process?  Once you are born again, can you lose your salvation? The list goes on.


There may be no better way to consider both sides of these profound questions than to listen to skilled apologists for each side challenge and rebut each other’s perspectives.  And so we welcome you to The Great Debate: Predestination vs. Free Will as four gifted theologians square off along what is commonly termed the Calvinistic/Arminian divide.


Hosted by Brian Marshall of Appleseed Ministries, the four scholar/debaters are:


  • Dr. Bruce Ware: Professor of Theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Joe Dongell: Professor of New Testament Studies, Asbury Seminary
  • Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner: Professor of New Testament Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Jerry Walls: Professor of Philosophy, Asbury Seminary

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