The Great Deluge – Worldwide Evidence for Noah’s Flood

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Three Creation Science Programs on One DVD! From Mount Saint Helens to the Grand Canyon. the Alps and the bottom of the sea to the Uluru formation in Australia, the evidence for a catastrophic flood is all around us.

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Evolutionary geology, like biology, is based on gradualism or incrementalism, the idea that profound change – like the creation of mountains and canyons — is the cumulative product of slow but continuous processes.  But evidence abounds that great catastrophes, like the worldwide flood described in the Bible, are a better explanation for many of these amazing formations.


1. Raging Waters – Australian Aboriginal legends speak of catastrophic events in recent history. Travel with Atlas Adventures as geologists Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Graeme Watmuff, and Philip Hohnen present evidence that Uluru, in the heart of the red desert, was formed rapidly and relatively recently in torrential flooding.  (27 minutes)


2. The Grand Canyon Catastrophe – Leading creation scientists challenge conventional geology in presenting evidence that the Grand Canyon was carved from rapid drainage of post-Flood lakes. This video features Dr. John Morris, Dr. Duane Gish, Dr. Stephen Austin and Dr. Andrew Snelling.  (27 minutes)


3. Evidences: The Record and the Flood – Journey to the Grand Canyon, the Alps, geologic formations in New Zealand, and even to the bottom of the ocean as this video explores worldwide evidence of a “great deluge” – a worldwide flood of truly Biblical proportions.  Features Patrick McLeod; Ariel Roth and Clyde Webster of the Geoscience Institute and sedimentologists Arjen van der Wolf and Tom Zoutewelle.  (45 minutes)

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