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The Image of God with David Aikman

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“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:27)

There are few verses more contested in the Bible. And there may be none more central to the transcendent question of who we ultimately are as human beings. Renowned journalist Dr. David Aikman (Time magazine) and a team of respected scientists explore the biblical and scientific evidence.

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Was man supernaturally created out of inanimate matter and fashioned in the “image” of his Creator?  Or is he descended from, in the words of Charles Darwin, “a tree-dwelling, hairy creature with a long tail and pointed ears…?” Dr. David Aikman (renowned journalist and best-selling author) talks to a number of scientists who present compelling new scientific evidence supporting the Biblical account of man’s creation.


Dr. Sigrid Hartwig-Scherer shows that the fossil evidence supports the Genesis model of repopulation after a relatively recent global flood. Dr. Marvin Lubenow explains that some supposed ape-men are true humans, while others are fossils of extinct apes, misidentified as human ancestors.  And then we visit Evolution’s “Hall of Fame” and meet some alleged ape-men, including Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, and Piltdown Man.  Dr. Chris Stringer of the Nature History Museum, and Dr. Fred Spoor examine the Darwinian view of human origins and show that it really is more a faith or a philosophy than it is a science.



  • Actors: David Aikman, Dr. Sigrid Hartwig-Scherer, Dr. Marvin Lubenow, Dr. Chris Stringer, Dr. Fred Spoor
  • Director: Keziah
  • Format: Color, NTSC
  • Rating: Unrated
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Studio: American Portrait
  • Release Date: January 1, 1997
  • Run Time: 28 minutes


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