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The Massacre of Innocence: The Occult Roots of Abortion

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The classic pro-life documentary that came out of Eric Holmberg and his wife’s three-year stand against abortion outside of one of the most infamous abortion clinics in America – just a few blocks from the White House.


“At last, a presentation that ties up loose ends and looks at the spiritual realities behind abortion.  Well-done, incisive and prophetic…every Christian needs to watch it.”  Gary Bergel, Executive Director – Intercessors for America

The classic pro-life documentary that has helped change thousands of lives, save only God knows how many babies, open eyes and hearts, and inspire prayer, activism, the creation of crisis pregnancy clinics and all manner of pro-life activity around the world.

The Massacre of Innocence looks at the spiritual roots of abortion and exposes the myths surrounding child-killing. Little known historical facts about abortion, drawn from both the scriptures and occult history, establish the links between pagan child sacrifice, witchcraft and our modern, technocratic form of “pregnancy termination”. Though produced in 1985, this video remains the definitive work on the spiritual roots of abortion and has not only been effective in converting many to a pro-life position; it has helped launch a number of pro-life ministries. The section on ‘the travail of child-birth’ and restitution has also been helpful in bringing healing to women who have had abortions.
Now for the first time on DVD; digitally re-mastered from the original source tape.

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