The Real Jesus: A Defense of the Historicity & Divinity of Christ


A ten-part apologetic that powerfully defends the Lordship of Christ against the claims of modern atheism and liberal theology… contains a nice primer on presuppositionalism as well.

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“Outstanding!  …a knock-out punch against atheists, skeptics and so-called higher critics who deny Christ’s divinity, Lordship and the authority of His Word.”  Timothy D. Oliver, Director of Christian Soldier Ministries

one of the best teaching videos I have ever watched!  As a pastor I would recommend it to every pastor, church leader, Christian, and seeker because it is both powerful and practical in understanding and defending the divinity of Jesus Christ.  Produced in a clear and easy to understand format, it also provides the best of scholarly work in evangelical Christianity.  You must have THE REAL JESUS to better know the real Jesus!”   Joe Wyrostek, Senior Pastor of Metro Praise Church, Chicago, IL


Since the dawn of modern rationalism, skeptics have sought to use textual criticism, archaeology and historical reconstructions to uncover the “historical Jesus”:  a wise teacher who said many wonderful things but fulfilled no prophecies, performed no miracles and certainly did not rise from the dead in triumph over sin.

Over the past 100 years, however, startling discoveries in biblical archaeology and scholarship have all but vanquished the faulty assumptions of these doubting modernists. Regrettably, these discoveries have often been ignored by the skeptics as well as the popular media.  As a result the liberal view still holds sway in universities and impacts the culture and even much of the Church.

The Real Jesus explodes the myths of these critics and the movies, books and television specials that have popularized their views.  Presented in ten parts – perfect for individual, family and classroom study – viewers will introduced to the One who is “able to save to the uttermost” through “the power of an indestructible life.” (Heb. 7:16, 25)  He is the real Jesus.

Featured Scholars:

  • Dr. George Grant (King’s Meadow Study Center)
  • Dr. Ted Baehr (Christian Film and Television Commission)
  • Dr. Stephen Mansfield (Bestselling author and historian)
  • Dr. Raymond C. Ortlund (Author and Old Testament scholar)
  • Dr. Jay Grimstead (International Council on Biblical Inerrancy)
  • Dr. Phillip G. Kayser (Biblical Blueprints)
  • David Lutzweiler (Lamplighter Educational Service)
  • James P. Holding (Tektonics Ministries)

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