The Restless Church: Rediscovering New Testament Christianity

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The third-and-last video series in the trilogy by Mark Fairley (The Fuel Project and the Know Your Enemy and Stay Free series), The Restless Church explores what the New Testament church was really like – and how we might recover its calling and power in our 21st century world.


THE RESTLESS CHURCH: Rediscovering New Testament Christianity
Many people today are longing for a greater cause. They’re no longer content with “church as usual.” They read of the church in the New Testament and their curiosity is piqued. The accounts there are far removed from their Sunday and Wednesday night experiences.  And then they hear rumors of what God is doing today in Asia and other parts of the developing world.  And their hearts soar.


Have you ever read the Bible and wondered why the early church was so much more dynamic, so much more life-and-culturing-changing that what we normally experience today? How could something as thrilling, authentic and powerful as we find in the pages of the New Testament evolve (devolve?) into the often dull, hypocritical and anemic spectacle so many experience today?


The truth is that the church most of us in the West have come to know looks very little like the one Jesus intended and died to create. The simple, informal community characterized by faith and love we read about in Acts has too often become a formalized ritual driven by apathy, fear, cultural conformity, being “at ease in Zion,” market forces, the cult of personality and man-made traditions. Over time, the vibrant community of Jewish and later Gentile believers who fearlessly spread the Gospel, cared for the poor, healed the sick and cast out demons has increasingly trended towards broken, empty institutions and an irrelevance to the world around it.

And now, provoked by the Holy Spirit and God’s purposes in this critical hour, the church is getting restless.


We’re beginning to question the rituals (many informal but nevertheless empty), the “churchianity” and the Sunday-show routine – and are starting to ask what in might be like to go back to genuine New Testament Christianity. In The Restless Church we deconstruct what the church has become and show what a genuine New Testament church could look like in our modern world. And we invite you to become a part of this worldwide movement for reformation.


The Restless Church – Rediscovering New Testament Christianity (Trailer)
The Restless Church – Introduction


Part 1 – We Are Too Milky
Part 2 – We Use Church For Evangelism
Part 3 – We No Longer Disciple
Part 4 – We Love Comfort Too Much
Part 5 – We’re Active but Not Productive
Part 6 – We Have Lost Perspective
Part 7 – We Have Allowed the World To Become Cynical
Part 8 – We Lack the Spirit’s Power
Part 9 – We Love Our Traditions Too Much
Part 10 – We Don’t Get Answers In Church
Part 11 – The Story So Far
Part 12 – We Have Lost Our Men

Part 13a – What Did The New Testament Church Actually Look Like?
Part 13b – They Formed A Community
Part 13c – They Eradicated Poverty
Part 13d – They Evangelized In Public
Part 13e – They Prayed For Healing & Cast Out Demons
Part 13f – They Continued In Spite of Persecution
Part 13g – They Did Practical Things
Part 13h – They Didn’t Blindly Follow Tradition
Part 13i – They Turned the World Upside Down
Part 14 – We Need Words & Deeds
Part 15 – Get in the Arena
Part 16 – The Challenge

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