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True Fiction: Three Modern Day Parables

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Three powerful “parabolic dramas” that will inspire thought, discussion and conviction. Includes commentary by Eric Holmberg.

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True Fiction introduces three modern-day parables that take the viewer on a fast-paced and entertaining ride whose ultimate destination is…the TRUTH. Designed with life-changing ministry in mind, these allegories can be used by parents, teachers, and pastors to provoke thoughtful discussion, illustrate  sermon, and convey vital truths to a modern world that often has to “see it” before it can get it.



Each parable also includes commentary/teaching by Eric Holmberg at the end.



“After sixteen years of student-oriented ministry, I’ve sen first-hand how our culture’s obsession with entertainment has not only spread a vast web of lies, it’s helped create a mind-set that can be resistant to the logical presentation of biblical truth. The three parables in True Fiction speak directly to the heart in ‘the language of the common people’ (Matt. 13:34; Mark 12:37) and provide a potent antidote to the poison of popular culture. I want every one of our 100 campus workers to have at least one copy.”  Brady Clark, Founder and Director of Campus Ministries International.

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