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From the producer of Know Your Enemy, The Restless Church, Revelation and Stay Free — Mark Fairley's latest production examines the labyrinth of relativistic confusion the grips the modern world. Using the scarlet thread of scripture and Jesus' life and atoning work, Fairley takes the viewer on a journey from darkness into light regarding four foundational areas of world and life-views. This includes the rapid, unprecedented (in human history) cultural shift concerning homosexuality.


calvin-and-hobbes-on-postmodernismVideo 1 – Understanding God’s Character

To understand our age, we first need to understand God’s character. Contrary to some popular opinion,  He is not a wrathful monster or a dictator sending down rules designed to rob our joy and turn us into servile subjects.  But neither is He – as is also often portrayed – a timid softie or the kindly, somewhat disengaged “man upstairs.” Instead, God is our objective reference point of “goodness” by which we can make sense of our fallen world. (57:48)

Video 2 – The Two Pits

The Bible tells us to “speak the truth in love”. Most have decided to speak the truth without any love or to love without giving any truth. Both of these paths lead into one of two pits. (35:39)

Video 3 – All You Need Is Love?

In 1967 our culture decided that truth was hate-speech and that all we needed to create a perfect society was love. From that point on, we became spiritually and morally confused. Our hatred of truth led us deep into “The Left Pit.” (55:56)

Video 4 – Homosexuality

We begin by exploring the changing cultural attitudes towards homosexuality and gay marriage. Then we examine where homosexuality comes from and the search for the “gay gene.” Finally, the video explores the consequences of normalizing homosexuality…and just why our culture has stopped caring about them. (1:10:25)

Four Complete Lessons on Two DVDs – Total Running Time: 220 minutes

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