War Of The Worldviews – #101 – Sounds of War

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The new TV show from The Apologetics Group. This episode, “Sounds of War” is taken in large part from the classic documentary series “Hell’s Bells 2 – The Power & Spirit of Popular Music”

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“In my humble opinion, Eric Holmberg is one of the most important voices in the church today, calling us to repentance, revival, and a reformation of our corrupted culture.”  Dr. Ted Baehr — Chairman, The Christian Film and Television Commission

The first episode of “War of the Worldviews” takes you, the viewer, into a journey into the “soul of rock ‘n’ roll.”   Featuring excerpts from the highly acclaimed and best-selling video from The Apologetics Group, “Hell’s Bells 2: The Power and Spirit of Popular Music,” this program uses the diagnostic tool of contemporary music to help people better understand the “muse behind the music.” A great mind-bender for the believer and skeptic alike!

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