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War of the Worldviews – #102 – The Real Jesus

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The new TV show from The Apologetics Group. This episode, “The Real Jesus” features excerpts from the classic documentary of the same name and explores the growing attack on Christ within academia and the popular culture.

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“In my humble opinion, Eric Holmberg is one of the most important voices in the church today, calling us to repentance, revival, and a reformation of our corrupted culture.”  Dr. Ted Baehr — Chairman, The Christian Film and Television Commission

The second episode of “War of the Worldviews” focuses on a key front in the spiritual war being waged for the destiny of both men and our world.  The Apostle John makes it very clear that the essence of the “spirit of antichrist” is to attack and deny the very foundation of the LORD’s plan of redemption: that God became flesh and dwelt among us. (1 John 2:22-24)  Over the last century, these attacks have come increasingly from within the (visible) church; so called “Christian” scholars who use the man-centered methods of modern criticism to cast doubt on sections of the Bible and redemptive history.  If that wasn’t bad enough, modern media has increasingly published and popularized the heresies and flawed scholarship of these critics.  Featuring sections taken from The Real Jesus: A Defense of the Historicity and Divinity of Christ, this episode will be a great encouragement for Christians who want to better understand as well as defend their faith against these attacks (especially young Christians on their way to college!) as well as people who are investigating Christianity but have had “their well poisoned” by the antichrist spirit of our age.

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