by Eric Holmberg
The new, expanded and vastly improved study guide for the best-selling “Amazing Grace – The History and Theology of Calvinism.” Over 220 pages long, this workbook is the perfect companion piece to the DVD and is guaranteed to bring the reader/viewer into a deeper understanding and relationship with both Christ and the worldview that bears His Name.

by Jay Rogers (Editor)
This workbook is designed to be used with the ten part video series, God’s Law and Society. The video and the workbook together are designed to be a training curriculum to help spark “A Second American Revolution”—a Neo-Puritan revival that will inspire Christians to reengage the culture, most specifically in the arena of public policy, with the message of Christ’s Lordship over the nations of the earth.

by Dr. Francis Schaeffer & Linny Dey
The five-part Study Guide for the classic documentary film by the famed author, philosopher, and Christian apologist, Dr. Francis Schaeffer.

by David Skjaerlund, PhD
The discussion guide for “The Final Frontier: A Journey Through Life, Death and Beyond” – the powerful evangelistic presentation by The Apologetics Group.

by Jerry Johnson and Eric Holmberg
To help supplement the teaching in “THe Mark of a Cult” – particularly in a group setting – we have preapred this handy-dandy study guide.